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Credit Level offers a various suite of Credit based Services ranging from Credit Restoration and Credit Building to Debt Relief.

What is a Credit Score?

Your financial bargaining chip

Your credit score could be one of the factors between being approved or denied for credit, and a high or low interest rate.

  • Could mean saving tens of thousands on home financing
  • Could get you access to all those zero down offers
  • Could help you rent an apartment or finance a new car
  • Your credit score affects you more than you know
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What Items Can Be Disputed?

The following are the most common items that we can help you dispute.

Our Credit Repair Services can help you REMOVE or REPAIR almost anything inaccurate, outdated, unverifiable and unfair that is affecting your credit. Here are the most common ones...


Late Payments


Public Records



Credit Repair Solutions

We can help you with all aspects of your Credit Life ranging from Debt Relief to Credit Building and Credit Restoration.

Good Credit Can Save You Thousands!

From getting a great deal on a car loan, to saving tens of thousands on your mortgage!

The following are only estimations of possible savings, since there are many other variables involved.

620 Credit
760 Credit
Total Savings
30 Year
30 Year
30 Year
30 Year
30 Year
Car Loan
620 Credit
760 Credit
Total Savings
60 Months
60 Months
60 Months
60 Months
60 Months

Hear What our Clients are Saying

Testimonials represent the results of the individual and you should not expect the same result because your case is different then everyone else's. Credit Level promises to only communicate with creditors and credit bureaus on your behalf to verify changes and to challenge any inaccurate, unfair, outdated and unverifiable information on your credit report. Finally it's important to note that no one can guarantee any results or score improvement in any specific time frame as it's impossible to predict the actions of your creditors or the credit bureaus.

Conan Thomas

Leadington, MO

Hey everyone! If your credit isn't as pretty as you'd like it to be because life happened, call my good friends at Credit Level ! In one month, they have helped me remove several collections off of my account!

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Angel R

Chicago, IL

Thanks to Credit Level i am now able to do things I was not able to before!!! If anyone needs help definitely reach out because it has changed my life and it will change yours. Thanks again!!!

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Cristina Sabengsy

Chicago IL

My credit score went from 500 to 620 and it keeps going up every month. I recommend Credit Level company because they are honest , hard working and they are always there to answer all your questions ! They are by far the best in the industry !!! Thank you for everything Credit Level !!

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Why choose us?


We send out dispute challenges on your behalf as fast as we can so you can have the results from the credit bureaus as soon as possible. We also provide a unlimited service which includes unlimited disputes on incorrect, outdated, unverifiable and unfair credit items. We also provide a credit building recommendation plan with access to the best low budget credit building tools available. We strive to provide a world class service and we will never settle for any less!


You will have a front seat to your entire credit restoration journey through your very own secure client portal while we work on your behalf. You will be able to see your progress along with any updates and work that we will be doing.

Unlimited Service

Some companies charge a monthly fee to do a limited amount of work, while we offer an unlimited service that is much better and much faster because of the way it’s done. We don’t just help you by sending out dispute challenges on your behalf,
we also help you build positive credit while learning the best ways to maintain it.

Personalized Service

Besides a full service client support team, you will also have a dedicated certified credit advisor who will stay on top of things for you and will be available to answer any questions you may have along the way.

Award-Winning and Top Rated

Work with us, and you’ll work with seasoned professionals – committed to exceeding client expectations. We’ve been there and done it and we understand what it takes to make meaningful progress.

No Upfront Fees

Never pay any up-front fees since we only bill after we do the work. Our Debt Relief Program can also help you settle your unsecured debt for a fraction of what you owe and split it up into monthly payments that you can afford.


Our prices are competitive and fair. There are no surprise bills. That’s how we would like to be treated, and that is how our clients are treated.

No Contract

There is no long term contract of any kind and the service is month to month. You may cancel at anytime however we ask for a 31 Day Notice since we only bill after we do the work and don’t charge for it upfront.

Payment Options

We offer a variety of payment options ranging from Debit Cards to Credit Cards without charging any extra fee’s to use them. When we say Unlimited we mean it!